Aaron Wesley Smith Michigan

About Aaron Wesley Smith Michigan

Aaron Wesley Smith, formerly of Michigan, is the president of Retrolock Corp (RLC).  Aaron Smith has extensive experience in all fields of construction and business strategic growth. As a construction market expert, Aaron has participated as a speaker in roundtables, and led “lunch and learn” seminars. He is a proven relationship builder in the competitive construction market and has been involved in complex projects that have challenged the status quo in terms of design, delivery, and cost-efficiency.


Prior to RLC, Aaron Smith was President of AMI Hospitality in Las Vega, NV.  AMI was a successful Interior Finish Company that specialized in high caliber projects around the country with a specific focus on Casinos and Hotels in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Florida, and New England.


A Michigan native, Aaron Smith of Retrolock is engaged with various community organizations within the United States and US Virgin Islands, such as the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Women Coalition of St. Croix, SPCA and a many other Veteran and Dog Rescue programs in California. 


Beyond Aaron’s professional work, he is a passionate supporter of animal rights, lover and connoisseur of fine food. Aaron Smith and his wife have been an avid dog rescue family and strong believers in international laws on fair and humane treatment to animals. Aaron can be reached by email here: [email protected]

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